Tiny Tappin’ Titans

One of my early Blender Game experiments was a multiplayer coin collecting game, with a unique twist – the game was controlled by tapping the directional keys as fast as possible.

You picked a character, and then entered the game where you could start collecting coins. Collect enough coins and you could advance through the gate to the next area. Keep progressing through the gates and get to the goal first to win. There was also a lightning bolt pickup that could be used to shock the other player, and make them lose coins.

The game was played as multiplayer only – local split screen


The game is pretty simple and can be completed in a couple of minutes. It was multiplayer only, because I didn’t have the knowledge to write an AI opponent at that time.

The premise of repeatedly hitting buttons to move didn’t really add anything to the game. A competitive coin collecting game could be fun, but it’d need to be a much more fleshed out idea than Tiny Tappin’ Titans.